Porno in our life

Why Playboy Does not Publish Photos of Naked Women Anymore

Playboy is a journal that is known for publishing nude photos of women. It was and still remains one of the most reputable journals that shows female nudity. Many people perceive it as a pornographic journal. The others simply state it is a journal for adults. It definitely contains erotic images.

Reasons Why

After a founder of Playboy, Mr. Hefner, died, the management of a company took a controversial decision. It was decided to stop publish nude photos of females. This decision was taken in 2015.

There were certainly several goals that the management wanted to achieve by that. Here are the reasons that were declared to the general public: read more

Pornography in Virtual Reality: a Success or a Failure?

Watching porn is a life necessity for many people. Technology that allows improving this experience in developing continuously. One of the recent developments is a virtual reality headset for watching porn.

A user has to connect a device to a computer, phone or a tablet. A person has to put on virtual reality headset. It has to be firmly fixed on the head. As soon as the device is fixed one can get a unique experience

Does Porn Has a Place in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality for many people today is a part of life. Virtuality for many substituted reality at all. It became a normal practice for people to make friends, fall in love and have sex using virtual reality technology. There are still many people who are skeptical about the inclusion of porn in virtual reality. Many perceive it as a failure of our society. read more

How Sex Robots Entered into Our Lives

The modern era is quite controversial. People practice many things they will hardly do some years ago. The dramatic change in human life happened because life changes tremendously. Largely, because of the internet, people started spending too much time alone. They can sit in front of computers for hours. There are so many things to do online, that virtual space almost substituted reality. It led to main changes in human psychology.

Psychological Switch

As people started to spend too much time alone, their socialization skills got weaker. Today people hardly communicate with each other in reality. They prefer to regularly use chats, video chats etc. Little by little, they isolate themselves from other people. read more

How Porn Became a Part of Mass Culture

Pornography plays an important role in human life. People have a different attitude to it. Some perceive it as an art. Others rather find it useful to satisfy sexual desires. Whatever is one’s attitude to it, it can be said that porn today is a constituent part of mass culture. One of the main reasons for it its accessibility. It is not a problem today to watch a pornographic video or a film.

Mass Culture and Pornography

It is a well-known fact that pornography was always the part of the culture. Since ancient times, pornographic scenes were depicted on items of everyday use. These items were primarily available for rich people. It is worth mentioning, those porn things were mainly depicted on precious porcelain and other expensive materials. read more

History of Pornography: From Ancient Asia to Internet

Pornography, as people know it today developed a lot from the times it appeared. The need to express human sexuality appeared in ancient times. Asian civilizations and Chinese in particular depicted sexual acts. Pornography from ancient times was considered as a part of the art. Many rich governors of China and Japan hold at home items that showed the acts of making love. It was a common practice.

The History of Porn

Asian countries started to depict pornographic scenes first among the other. In Asian countries sexual education was essential. Girls and boys learned how to get and bring sexual pleasure to a partner. Because of quite a tolerant perception of sex in Asia, pornographic scenes were often drawn on porcelain kitchen utensils. People had no shame to guard such items. It proves that pornography is not a recent phenomenon. read more