History of Pornography: From Ancient Asia to Internet

Pornography, as people know it today developed a lot from the times it appeared. The need to express human sexuality appeared in ancient times. Asian civilizations and Chinese in particular depicted sexual acts. Pornography from ancient times was considered as a part of the art. Many rich governors of China and Japan hold at home items that showed the acts of making love. It was a common practice.

The History of Porn

Asian countries started to depict pornographic scenes first among the other. In Asian countries sexual education was essential. Girls and boys learned how to get and bring sexual pleasure to a partner. Because of quite a tolerant perception of sex in Asia, pornographic scenes were often drawn on porcelain kitchen utensils. People had no shame to guard such items. It proves that pornography is not a recent phenomenon.

As civilizations developed, there appeared new ways to depict pornographic scenes. There was also one more important reason that led to the popularity of porn among people. In the 17th century happened an industrial revolution.

With the industrial revolutions, regular citizens became richer. There appeared also new technologies to capture pornographic moments. People started to talk about acts of pleasure more and more.

Popularisation of sex among all levels of society was also possible thanks to pornographic works. Started from the 17th century, there started to appear authors that are known today as pornographic. Marquise de Sade was one of the famous literary authors in this field.

From the 17th century, porn started to develop even more extensively. Here is a timeline:

  • At the beginning of the 17th century, photography was invented. It fully revolutionized the pornographic domain. Pornographic scenes appeared almost instantly. Photography very soon became a mass product. Because of it, porn got popularised even more.
  • In the late 19th century, the video was invented. This pushed visual art beyond the borders. Black and white films capturing sexual intercourses appeared almost instantly.
  • There appeared pornographic journals. They were primarily developed for men. At that time an occupation of a pornographic model became popular.
  • When the internet was invented, porn films, videos, and visual materials became popularised. Today porn is accessible for anyone.

This is a timeline of pornography. Today, there is plenty of websites online that feature pornographic content. Many national governments issued licenses to pornographic channels. There are plenty of programs that show pornography nonstop.

Porn stars were extremely popular at the beginning of the 21st century. It was the time when the most famous porn directors produced their films. Today, the sector has still much profit. Pornography is the whole industry. There are many pornographic stars that make their life by acting in porn films. It is an industry that will hardly have financial losses in the future.

Today pornography is accepted by many as a part of the culture. Though, many people are still concerned about kids access to pornographic materials. It is the most sensitive unresolved issue of today.

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