Pornography in Virtual Reality: a Success or a Failure?

Watching porn is a life necessity for many people. Technology that allows improving this experience in developing continuously. One of the recent developments is a virtual reality headset for watching porn.

A user has to connect a device to a computer, phone or a tablet. A person has to put on virtual reality headset. It has to be firmly fixed on the head. As soon as the device is fixed one can get a unique experience

Does Porn Has a Place in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality for many people today is a part of life. Virtuality for many substituted reality at all. It became a normal practice for people to make friends, fall in love and have sex using virtual reality technology. There are still many people who are skeptical about the inclusion of porn in virtual reality. Many perceive it as a failure of our society.

The main concern that many adults express is an extensive access of children to VR gadgets. Kids can simply download a video or a porn movie and watch it. It makes harm to their psychology. This is a problem, but there are several ways to resolve it:

  • Adults can use parental control on the VR device. It is what many parents do. They buy a software that allows them to control kids activity. Using it they can block websites for adults.
  • Adults can allow kids to use VR technology only to get educational or gaming experience. If a kid knows to listen to parental advice this can work. This way, a child will not be able to access adult content online.

These are ideas on how to eliminate kids access to porn websites. If not, pornography in virtual reality is rather a success of the modern era. Here are some facts that prove it:

  • The healthy portion of pornography is healthy. Human beings have quite a high level of sexuality. When men and women are in the age from 18-40 years old, sexuality is higher than ever. To satisfy the physical need of a body, people naturally watch porn videos and movies.
  • It is a scientifically proven fact that people who let sexual energy leave are far more successful in life than those who do not do it. Today the majority of people have access to the internet. So, everyone who is over 18 years old can enjoy porn.
  • Watching porn using virtual reality headset is definitely a better experience. A video as a film will excite a person more if he uses modern gadgets. The choice of them on the market is large. There are some available for 80 US dollars. More professional gadgets cost around 500 US dollars.

These facts prove that pornography should be permitted in virtual reality. There is nothing bad in it if it is watched by a target audience. Like drugs, it can be addictive. In this case, it is definitely harmful to human psychology and the human body.

Pornography is perceived also by many people as an art. For many, it does not have a negative meaning. It proves that porn integration into virtual reality depends on personal outlook and on a personal point of view.

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