Why Playboy Does not Publish Photos of Naked Women Anymore

Playboy is a journal that is known for publishing nude photos of women. It was and still remains one of the most reputable journals that shows female nudity. Many people perceive it as a pornographic journal. The others simply state it is a journal for adults. It definitely contains erotic images.

Reasons Why

After a founder of Playboy, Mr. Hefner, died, the management of a company took a controversial decision. It was decided to stop publish nude photos of females. This decision was taken in 2015.

There were certainly several goals that the management wanted to achieve by that. Here are the reasons that were declared to the general public:

  • Playboy directors understood that nudity was not a trend anymore. The time when men wanted to look at naked body passed. Today men are seeking some more intellectual and artistic types of photos.
  • Management decided that dismissing nude photos will help to attract more advertisers. Playboy definitely does not have extensive advertisement due to its controversial content.

These two goals seem quite reasonable. These actions, though, did not lead to an increase in sales. On contrary, the journal started to lose its popularity among the target audience. Rebranding of Playboy was not a good idea. Time showed it. As financial results were very poor, another decision was taken. The son of Mr. Hefner decided to bring nude photos back. Though, today the journal published the images of partly naked females.

This way it becomes less pornographic but rather erotic. Women simply cover the intimate places by a hand. This way photos look less controversial. Getting back to publishing partly naked ladies is quite a wise decision, as Playboy is known mainly for featuring naked women. Since the time the decision was taken, the revenues of a Playboy grew tremendously. Today Playboy is popular again among the public.

The story of Playboy shows how greatly the perception of pornography changes in society. Today people want to live in a correct way. They want to enjoy a different type of pleasure they enjoyed before. Fully naked females are not more sexy and attractive.

Ladies that are only partly covered look on the pages of erotic journals more sophisticated. Tastes definitely changed with the time. Such a shift is taste shows how largely our society revolutionized.

Playboy like many other journals had to adapt to modern trends. It is still an erotic journal. Though, today it is more prestigious to read it. More and more publishers are willing to publish their ads on the pages of Playboy.


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